STIHL HTA 50 Battery Pole Pruner


Cordless Pruning Saw HTA 50: Great cutting performance with quiet operation. Lightweight cordless pruning saw with high cutting performance for tree maintenance in medium to large gardens. It is part of the AK system and features a 1⁄4″ P – PM3 saw chain and a Rollomatic E Mini guide bar. The HTA 50 has side … Read more

STIHL GTA 26 Cordless Pruner

a person using STIHL GTA 26 on a log of wood while wearing protective gloves

The versatile cordless mini-saw. The STIHL GTA 26 cordless mini pruning saw is suitable for hobby users for pruning shrubs and trees as well as for green maintenance. The STIHL 1/4″ PM3 chain with high cutting power also makes it easy to shred green trimmings and other woodworking tasks. The mini saw has an ergonomic … Read more

Stihl HSA 26 Cordless Shrubs Sears

a person holding Stihl HSA 26 in his hand wearing a glove

Universal Cordless Secateurs. Lightweight and comfortable cordless brush cutter for cutting and trimming smaller evergreen hedges and small-leaved ornamental trees. Shrub trimmer with optimized STIHL blade geometry for optimum cutting results. With a grass knife and for edging lawns. Non-slip operating handle for perfect ergonomics, quick, tool-free blade change, with charge level indicator so you … Read more

Garden Shredder Buying Guide

A man using a Stihl garden shredder

A garden shredder can be a handy tool for disposing of branches and other vegetation in your garden. In this article, we will introduce the device and explain some parameters you should know when choosing a suitable model. The first thing we will focus on is explaining the difference between a garden shredder and a … Read more

Garden Sprayer Buying Guide

all types of garden sprayers on display

Sprayers make garden work easier, whether small or large. However, users who want to learn about sprinklers suitable for plants only on the terrace or, on the other hand, for a vineyard of several hectares could also visit this article. In addition to the volume of liquid that the sprayer can hold, our article also … Read more

Axe Buying Guide

Different types of axes on display

First of all, we’ll divide the whole axe segment into several categories. Each type of axe looks a little different and is suitable for different uses. Next, we’ll look at the size of the axes and how to choose a tool that’s appropriate for your height. You can also take your body build into account … Read more

Spindle Mower Buying Guide

red spindle mower in front of a porch

To achieve a beautiful-looking lawn, you need to take proper care of it. This doesn’t just mean watering, fertilizing, and aerating occasionally. A thick, green lawn can be achieved mainly through proper mowing. If you really want to take care of your lawn, for example in the garden of your family home, experts recommend that … Read more

Pressure Washer Buying Guide

a man using a pressure washer to clean his patio

Pressure washers and pressure washers, pressure washers, and pressure washers are all names for one and the same product, which is the focus of this page. It is a device that allows you to clean a wide variety of surfaces with relative ease, from terraces to the facade, to the pool, to the car. To … Read more

Leaf Vacuum Buying Guide

yellow leaf vacuum

You will often also find a leaf vacuum cleaner under the term garden vacuum cleaner. However, the result is a completely identical machine. When buying one, you need to understand what you actually expect from such a garden helper. The introductory chapter on how it works will help you to do this. Next, we will … Read more

Snow Blower Buying Guide

a man in a red winter jacket using a snow blower

Although a snow blower serves only one purpose, there are a number of parameters you should consider when buying one. In particular, it depends on the area you will be clearing snow from. Depending on this, you can then choose between one-, two- and three-speed snow blowers with petrol or electric drive. We’ll take a … Read more