STIHL HSE 61 Hedge Trimmer Electric

STIHL HSE 61 electric hedge trimmer

Quiet electric hedge trimmer. STIHL HSE 61 is a quiet electric hedge trimmer with a powerful 500 W motor and low vibration. Strong when cutting, ergonomic design, easy to use. Swivel handle adjustable in 5 positions for flexible, comfortable cutting. STIHL HSE 61 features STIHL HSE 61 specs Power source Electric Power input 500 W … Read more

STIHL HSE 52 Hedge Trimmer Electric

STIHL HSE 52 electric hedge trimmer

A value-packed, 20″ electric hedge trimmer that’s both powerful and quiet. Light, yet durable, the STIHL HSE 52 electric hedge trimmer is ideal for considerate homeowners who live in noise-sensitive areas. Nimble and well balanced, the trimmer features a 20″ double-edged blade that cuts in both directions. This trimmer delivers easy, precise cutting. Its safety … Read more

STIHL HSE 42 Hedge Trimmer Electric

STIHL HSE 42 electric hedge trimmer

Very light electric hedge trimmer. Lightweight secateurs with very low vibration. The modern ergonomic design will be especially appreciated by private garden owners for hedge trimming and shaping shrubs and trees. Integrated strain relief for the connecting cable, and a small handguard for a good view of the cutting bar. High stroke frequency for a … Read more

STIHL HLA 65 Hedge Trimmer Battery

STIHL HLA 65 battery hedge trimmer

A battery-powered extended reach hedge trimmer that’s lightweight, versatile, and provides professionals with an environmentally responsible tool for select applications. Looking for trimming versatility? Check out the STIHL HLA 65 lithium-ion extended reach hedge trimmer. This extended reach hedge trimmer offers long run times with no gradual drop in performance. It features six different locking positions, … Read more

STIHL HS 56 C-E Hedge Trimmer Petrol

STIHL HS 56 C-E gas hedge trimmer

This lightweight hedge trimmer features professional-grade cutting power. The STIHL HS 56 hedge trimmer is the ideal balance of power and portability for professional users. Its 24” cutting blade is supported by a remarkably lightweight design, adding comfort and control to those extended cutting and pruning jobs. This hedge trimmer features an optimized gearbox, providing … Read more

STIHL HS 46 C-E Hedge Trimmer Petrol

STIHL HS 46 C-E gas hedge trimmer

STIHL’s lightest gasoline-powered hedge trimmer for homeowners featuring Easy2Start™. For smooth and comfortable hedge trimming at home, less is more. And the STIHL HS 46 C-E is a lot less: Less weight – this well-balanced trimmer is the lightest gasoline-powered hedge trimmer in the STIHL line. Fewer emissions – compared to traditional 2-stroke engine technology. … Read more

STIHL HS 45 Hedge Trimmer Petrol

STIHL HS 45 gas hedge trimmer

This hedge trimmer is lightweight and easy to use, ideal for trimming around the home. Give your hedges a clean trim every time with the STIHL HS 45 hedge trimmer. Available with an 18” double-sided reciprocating blade, this trimmer is powered by a dependable STIHL engine, so you have the power you need to cut … Read more

STIHL HSA 66 – Battery Hedge Trimmer

Stíhl HSA 66 Battery Hedge Trimmer

Modern battery hedge trimmer. The STIHL HSA 66 Lithium-Ion hedge trimmer features a 36-volt lithium-ion battery and delivers strong, quiet cutting performance. Another tool in the STIHL Battery-Powered Equipment line, the HSA 66 runs on the same universal battery shared by all battery-powered tools. Its energy-efficient design allows for up to 40% longer run times when … Read more

STIHL HSA 45 – Battery Hedge Trimmer

Stihl HSA 45 Battery Hedge Trimmer

A hedge trimmer with a built-in battery, combining excellent cutting performance and affordable price. Part of the AI Series, the HSA 45 hedge trimmer delivers high cutting speeds and a compact, ergonomic design. It is lightweight for enhanced portability and features an integrated battery – so no separate battery or charger to manage. On a … Read more

STIHL HSA 56 – Battery Hedge Trimmer

Stihl HSA 56 Battery Hedge Trimmer

This battery-powered hedge trimmer combines great power and long run times. The Stihl HSA 56 hedge trimmer delivers exceptional performance and value. It is portable and lightweight at only 8.1 lbs. (including AK 10 battery), while also packing a performance punch. It features a high cutting speed of 2,800 strokes per minute, slicing through overgrown … Read more