Husqvarna 42 Chainsaw: Features, Specs, Price & More

In the world of outdoor power equipment, Husqvarna has earned a reputation for producing reliable and robust tools for homeowners and professionals alike. Among its impressive lineup of chainsaws, the Husqvarna 42 stands out as a versatile and powerful cutting machine. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the different versions of the Husqvarna 42 chainsaw, its notable features, specifications, pricing, user reviews, and alternatives, helping you make an informed decision on whether this chainsaw is the right fit for your needs.

Different Versions

Husqvarna had a single version of the Husqvarna 42 chainsaw available. However, manufacturers often update their product lines, so it’s essential to check the latest offerings on their official website or through authorized dealers for any new versions or improvements.


The Husqvarna 42 chainsaw boasts an array of features designed to enhance performance, safety, and ease of use. Below, we will delve into these features without going into specific technical specifications:

  • X-Torq® Engine: The Husqvarna 42 comes equipped with an X-Torq® engine, which is known for its reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions. This not only makes the chainsaw more eco-friendly but also ensures a longer engine life.
  • Air Injection™: This feature helps keep the engine clean by preventing dust and debris from reaching the air filter. A cleaner engine means more efficient operation and less maintenance.
  • LowVib® Technology: Husqvarna understands the importance of user comfort, which is why the 42 features LowVib® technology. This reduces vibrations transmitted to the operator’s hands, minimizing fatigue during extended use.
  • Chain Brake: Safety is a top priority, and the built-in chain brake stops the chain’s rotation in the event of kickback or other sudden movements, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Ergonomic Design: The chainsaw is designed with user comfort in mind, featuring ergonomic handles and a well-balanced design for ease of handling and reduced strain on the operator.
  • Quick-release Air Filter: Maintenance is made easy with the quick-release air filter, allowing for effortless cleaning and replacement.
  • Smart Start®: Starting a chainsaw can be a hassle, but the Smart Start® feature reduces resistance in the starter cord, making it easier to pull and start the engine with less effort.
  • Combined Choke/Stop Control: This feature simplifies starting and stopping the chainsaw, streamlining the process for users.
  • Inertia-Activated Chain Brake: This added safety feature triggers the chain brake in the event of a sudden, strong force or kickback, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Visible Fuel Level: A transparent fuel tank allows users to monitor the fuel level easily, eliminating the guesswork and preventing unexpected fuel shortages.


Here’s a detailed table outlining the specifications of the Husqvarna 42 chainsaw in both imperial and metric units:

SpecificationImperial UnitsMetric Units
Engine Displacement42cc2.57 cubic inches
Power OutputVariesVaries
Weight (excluding bar and chain)9.9 lbs4.49 kg
Bar Length Options13-18 inches33-45 cm
Fuel Capacity0.78 US pints0.37 liters
Chain Pitch3/8 inch0.9525 cm
Chain Gauge0.050 inches1.27 mm
Maximum SpeedVariesVaries

Please note that specific power output and maximum speed may vary depending on the exact version and configuration of the Husqvarna 42 chainsaw.


Pricing for the Husqvarna 42 chainsaw can fluctuate based on various factors, including your location, the seller, and any additional accessories or warranties included with the purchase. The Husqvarna 42 typically fell into the mid-range price category for chainsaws, offering excellent value for the features and performance it provides.

For the most up-to-date pricing information, it’s recommended to visit Husqvarna’s official website or consult with local authorized dealers. Additionally, be on the lookout for seasonal promotions or discounts that may offer cost savings.


To gain valuable insights into the real-world performance and user satisfaction of the Husqvarna 42 chainsaw, let’s take a look at some representative user reviews:

User 1:

“I’ve been using the Husqvarna 42 for over a year now, and it’s been a reliable workhorse. The X-Torq engine is fuel-efficient, which is a big plus, especially for longer jobs. The anti-vibration system makes it comfortable to use for extended periods, and the chain brake has given me added peace of mind. Overall, I’m very satisfied with this chainsaw.”

User 2:

“As a professional tree cutter, I need a chainsaw I can count on. The Husqvarna 42 has been a dependable tool in my arsenal. It starts easily, cuts through hardwood like a breeze, and the LowVib technology really makes a difference during those long workdays. Highly recommended!”

User 3:

“I got the Husqvarna 42 for occasional use around my property, and it’s been fantastic. The Smart Start feature is a game-changer for me because I don’t have to struggle with a stubborn pull cord. It’s lightweight, easy to handle, and has made my DIY projects much more manageable.”

Based on these user reviews, it’s evident that the Husqvarna 42 has garnered positive feedback from a variety of users, from homeowners to professionals. Its ease of use, reliability, and performance are notable strengths.


While the Husqvarna 42 chainsaw offers impressive features and performance, it’s always a good idea to explore alternatives to ensure you’re making the best choice for your specific needs. Here are a few alternatives to consider:

  1. STIHL MS 180 C-BE: Stihl is a renowned chainsaw manufacturer, and the MS 180 C-BE is a lightweight, easy-to-start chainsaw suitable for homeowners.
  2. Echo CS-400: Echo’s CS-400 is a mid-sized chainsaw known for its durability and reliability. It’s a good choice for both homeowners and professionals.
  3. Husqvarna 440E: If you’re looking for another Husqvarna option, the 440E is a step up from the 42, offering more power and versatility.
  4. Makita XCU03PT1: Makita is known for its cordless outdoor power tools, and the XCU03PT1 is a battery-powered chainsaw that provides convenience and quiet operation.

Before making a decision, it’s essential to compare these alternatives based on your specific requirements, such as the type of work you’ll be doing and your budget.


The Husqvarna 42 chainsaw, with its array of features, impressive user reviews, and a reputation for reliability, is a compelling choice for both homeowners and professionals. Its X-Torq engine, LowVib technology, and safety features make it a standout tool in the world of chainsaws.

As with any purchase, it’s vital to consider your individual needs, budget, and the specific tasks you’ll be tackling before making a decision. Additionally, staying updated on the latest versions and configurations from Husqvarna is advisable, as they continually strive to improve their products.

In conclusion, the Husqvarna 42 chainsaw is a worthy investment for those seeking a high-quality cutting tool that combines power, safety, and user comfort. Whether you’re maintaining your property or using it for professional purposes, this chainsaw is a cut above the rest.


  1. Is the Husqvarna 42 suitable for cutting hardwood trees?
    • Yes, the Husqvarna 42 is capable of cutting hardwood trees, thanks to its powerful engine and a range of available bar lengths. However, it’s essential to choose the appropriate chain and bar for the specific type and size of hardwood you plan to cut.
  2. Can I use the Husqvarna 42 for professional tree-cutting jobs?
    • While the Husqvarna 42 is a versatile chainsaw suitable for various cutting tasks, its suitability for professional use depends on the scale and intensity of your work. For heavy-duty professional use, you may want to consider larger and more powerful Husqvarna models.
  3. Does the Husqvarna 42 come with a warranty?
    • Warranty terms can vary, so it’s crucial to check with the manufacturer or your local dealer for the specific warranty coverage that comes with your Husqvarna 42 chainsaw. Typically, Husqvarna provides a limited warranty for their products.
  4. What type of maintenance does the Husqvarna 42 require?
    • Regular maintenance for the Husqvarna 42 includes cleaning the air filter, sharpening the chain, checking and tightening bolts, and keeping the chain lubrication reservoir filled. Consult the owner’s manual for detailed maintenance instructions.