Husqvarna 440 E II Review

Husqvarna 440 E II is an 18” (45 cm) lightweight, powerful and efficient all-round gas chainsaw. It’s an ideal chainsaw for general use on farms and estates when cutting small wood and firewood. The 440 is a high-quality efficient machine that delivers impressive performance and is easy to look after. A 40.9 cc engine with X-Torq technology.


Weighing in at 9.7 pounds (4.39 kg) it’s the lightest one in this range. You can easily position it to prune one limb while leaving the one next to it untouched.

The dimensions of 15.2 x 8.6 x 11.1” (L x W x H) make it the smallest semi-professional Husqvarna saw. Storing or transporting in the trunk of a car is no problem.

The saw comes with an 18” (45 cm) low kickback bar, but you can fit one from 13” (33 cm) up to the previously mentioned 18”. All the chains and bars must be the same 0.325” pitch and slim 0.050” gauge. Some people prefer Oregon chains, so you can try it as well when yours gets blunt. You can sharpen the chain yourself or take it to your local dealer to do it for you. Depending on how busy your dealer is, he may not do it immediately, so it’s better to have a backup chain.

There are times when you just want power and there are times when you just want portability. For everything in between, you have the Husqvarna 440.


The Husqvarna 440 has a forged three-piece crankshaft that gives it maximum durability and allows it to cope with the toughest tasks.

The centrifugal air cleaning system reduces wear and increases operating times between filter cleanings.

Combined choke/stop control makes the common problem of flooding much less likely to happen.

Ease of Use

The new E series comes with a tool less chain tensioning which couldn’t be simpler. All it takes is to pull a small handle and loosen the bar clamp, then use a thumbwheel to adjust the chain and tighten the bar clamp back up again when done. It comes in handy especially when you’re not at home.

The air filter is quick and easy to release, while having a visible fuel level (and a flip-up tank cap that’s easy to open and close) ensures keeping you always know how much fuel you’ve got left.

Equipped with Smart Start, fuel pump and auto return stop switch for easier starting. You’ll need less cord pulls to get started.

The air purge bulb and fuel pump do a good job of making the starting easier.

A transparent window in the 0.37 litre fuel tank and a flip-up cap makes refuelling straightforward.


Probably the most important feature is Husqvarna’s inertia-activated chain brake system that takes a lot of the fear out of kickbacks. You’re cutting through a fallen tree and suddenly, you hit a knot and the bar jumps back at you. This situation was once every chainsaw operator’s greatest dread. It’s still scary, but it’s also when the sudden change in inertia activates this saw’s chain brake. This prevents potentially fatal consequences.

Vibration dampening system called LowVib cuts down on user fatigue. In turn your enjoyment is increased and the odds of getting hurt are reduced.

Throttle trigger lockout prevents your operating it accidentally.

Chain catcher in the clutch area is designed to catch the chain if it jumps off the guide or snaps whilst in use.

Getting additional safety gear can’t be recommended enough.

It’s always a good idea to read the manual, especially if you’re a newbie. You can even attend a chainsaw handling courses run by dealers across the country. It’s easy to get yourself into a bad spot unless you know what you’re doing.


Like most Husqvarna chainsaws, it uses a 2-stroke (or 2-cycle) air cooled engine. This model specifically has a 40.9 cc engine, that can produce up to 2.4 horsepower, which is plenty enough for any medium duty work. It can cut through most trees with little trouble and without getting bogged down.

The engine uses the efficient X-Torq technology which cuts fuel consumption up to 20% and decreases emissions. This saves you money on fuel and you’ll breathe less fumes. It’s also CARB compliant.

It uses a gas and oil mix for fuel. The ratio is the usual 50:1 (gas to oil). It’s important to use good quality unleaded gas with at least an 87 octane rating. In fact, it’s recommended to use 89 or better, just to be safe.

Since it produces so little vibrations, you’ll be able to make accurate and clean cuts, even after using it for a while. You can further increase your quality of life by getting a pair of anti vibration gloves.

If you decide to get one for yourself, make sure not to run it at high speeds for the first 10 hours or so. You’ll be glad you did, because it’ll increase the engine life noticeably.

Even though the fuel tank is not that big, you should still get about 2 hours of use.

As far as noise goes, all gas chainsaws are noisy and this is no exception. At 112 dB(A) it’s no noisier than other Husqvarna chainsaws in this range. To protect your hearing, I recommend a helmet or at least ear plugs.


2 year + 90 days. You can buy an increased 2 or 3-year protection plan on Amazon.

Husqvarna 440 E II Features

  • X-Torq
  • Air Injection
  • LowVib
  • Smart Start
  • Easy to start
  • Inertia activated chain brake
  • Flip-up tank cap
  • Visible fuel level
  • Quick-release air filter
  • Combined choke/stop control
  • Felling marks
  • Three-piece crankshaft
  • Easy to start
  • Ergonomic rear handle
  • Snap-lock cylinder cover
  • Air purge

Husqvarna 440 Specs

Husqvarna 440
Power output2.4 hp
Cylinder displacement40.9 cm³
Maximum power output9,000 rpm
Idling speed2,900 rpm
Torque, max.2.16 Nm
Torque, max. At rpm6,300 rpm
Clutch engagement speed (±120)4,300 rpm
Fuel consumption513 g/kWh
Electrode gap0.02 in
Ignition module air gap0.01 in
Oil pump typeFixed flow
Exhaust emissions (CO2 EU V)813 g/kWh
Bar length18 in
Recommended bar length, min-max13-18 in
Chain typeSP33G
Sprocket typeSpur 7
Weight (excl. cutting equipment)9.7 lbs
Lubricant typeHusqvarna 2 stroke or equiv. at 50:1
Oil tank volume0.53 US pint
Sound and noise
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA)114 dB(A)
Sound power level, measured112 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear102 dB(A)

What the Users Say

The Husqvarna 440E is a very popular model. Users like its power, durability and portability. As with any product, there are negative reviews, but to be honest, most of them are related to poor retail service than the machine itself. That goes for all levels of users.

You don’t have to be a big lumberjack to use the 440E. Even people of smaller frames reported being able to use the 440E with little of the fatigue factor that excluded them from using other models.

Husqvarna’s 440E is a popular mid-level chainsaw from a manufacturer with a good reputation for quality.


Husqvarna 440E is a popular saw for very good reasons. It hits just about every note well, including the price. It’s a snap to use, delivers great power, cuts just about everything except the largest trees, and does all this with the latest features intended to promote safe, comfortable use. You’ll pay a little more than you would for most other chainsaws, but it’s worth the money.

Difference between Husqvarna 440 and 440E

They’re nearly identical, though the newer 440E has a tool-less chain tensioning system. Both have the same engine and are made to withstand light and medium workload. It’s becoming harder to find retailers who still have the older 440.

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