STIHL HLA 65 Hedge Trimmer Battery

A battery-powered extended reach hedge trimmer that’s lightweight, versatile, and provides professionals with an environmentally responsible tool for select applications.

Looking for trimming versatility? Check out the STIHL HLA 65 lithium-ion extended reach hedge trimmer. This extended reach hedge trimmer offers long run times with no gradual drop in performance. It features six different locking positions, giving professionals a 105-degree operating range. Its cutter bar is also adjustable and foldable and includes an automatic blade stop when folded. The hedge trimmer is lightweight and easy to maneuver in hard-to-reach places. Its quiet motor produces zero exhaust emissions – an excellent tool for working in noise-restricted or environmentally sensitive areas. Best of all, there’s no gasoline cost and no restrictive power cords.

The HLA 65 also delivers on the cutting performance, featuring specialized blade geometry and diamond-ground blade edges for clean cuts, even through thick and tough shrubbery. The 20-inch blade length is an efficient working length for most applications, and the tip protector helps protect blade tips from damage.

Run time may vary based on battery type, charge level and capacity, model, operating style, and conditions. Batteries and chargers can be purchased separately or as a combined set with a tool.

STIHL HLA 65 features

STIHL HLA 65 double-sided blades

Double-sided cutting blades

STIHL hedge trimmers with double-sided cutting blades cut in both directions.

STIHL HLA 56 caring for nature

Reduced-emission engine technology – Caring for nature

The STIHL Inc. “Caring for Nature” seal identifies its powered products that are more environmentally conscious, producing zero or low exhaust emissions. STIHL Inc. defines “low exhaust emissions” as cleaner than EPA and/or CARB exhaust emission standards.

STIHL HLA 56 tip protector

Tip protector

The tip protector makes cutting near the ground or along walls easier while protecting the trimmer’s cutters from damage.

STIHL HLA 56 high cutting performance

High cutting performance

Cutting teeth with large spacing and drop-shaped cut protection.

STIHL HLA 56 intuitive control handle

Intuitive control handle

The HLA 56 is very easy to operate using the handle with a safety lock (orange above), palm lock (black), and control lever (orange below). The safety lock prevents the device from being switched on unintentionally. When the palm safety and control lever are pressed, continuous operation is possible.

STIHL HLA 56 push button mechanism for changing the angle of the blades

A push-button mechanism for changing the angle of the blades

Easy adjustment of the blade angle from -45° to +90° even for side cuts.

STIHL HLA 56 dividable carrier tube

Dividable carrier tube

Easy transport is made possible thanks to the separable carrier tube.

STIHL HLA 56 circular tubular handle

Circular tubular handle

The compact circular tubular handle is made of durable, black plastic and allows variable handle positioning thanks to its almost 180° curvature, especially where space is at a premium.

STIHL HLA 56 wall bracket

Wall bracket

A bracket for hanging the machine on the wall is included in the basic equipment.

Additional equipment for purchase

STIHL HLA 56 extension piece

Extension piece

A 50 cm carrier tube extension is available as an accessory.

STIHL hedge trimmers with double-sided cutting blades cut in both directions.

STIHL HLA 56 specs

Power sourceBattery
Weight7.5 lbs
Weight (w/ AP 200)10.4 lbs
Blade length20 in
Strokes per minute3 000
Tooth spacing1.3 in
Shaft length81
Overall length81 in
Battery seriesAP series
Run time (w/ AP 200)144 min
Note: The battery working time specifications for each battery charge are estimates and may vary depending on how the tool is used and what is being cut.

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